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About UsWith over 50 years of experience providing material handling equipment, the engineers at McCullough Industries have consistently applied science to practical applications producing a hopper that is engineered for safety and economy. The Wright™ Self Dumping Hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Continuous welding helps to prevent leaking or dripping of wet materials from the hoppers. Formed smooth edge around top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent side-wise scattering of material. The stacking feature (standard on 1/2 through 1 cubic yard models) on some of our hoppers permits stacking of empty hoppers. Our self-dumping steel hoppers also have a strong, easy-to-operate latching mechanism. McCullough Industries Self-Dumping Hoppers
With over 1000 variations…We’re the Wright one!

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How Hoppers Work

Self dumping steel hoppers can seem intimidating to the average person who hasn’t had much experience with using material handling equipment before. But self dumping steel hoppers are one of the easiest and most convenient pieces of material handling equipment that one person can operate. They are simple, nearly foolproof, and most importantly safe. A self dumping steel hopper streamlines the process of loading, transporting, and unloading bulky items and waste products. After filling the material handling equipment, and moving it to the desired location, push the oversized latch that holds the self dumping steel hopper upright to release the materials it has been holding. When all of the materials have been discarded the unit will swing upright and re-latch, effectively locking itself back into its upright position. The addition of casters along the bottom of this piece of material handling equipment makes it even easier to move and transport items. Some self dumping steel hoppers are permanent fixtures and must remain in place. It is important you check which type of hopper you are working with before you start to use it. The durable construction of self dumping steel hoppers makes them the ideal piece of material handling equipment. They come in several sizes and capacities so you can always find the right self dumping steel hoppers to suit your needs and the needs of your business. All workers, even with no experience, can quickly become comfortable using material handling equipment. Not only are McCullough self dumping hoppers easy to use but they also help keep your workplace safe by providing a place to store waste and scrap materials – clean up any excess materials as you go with a self dumping steel hopper.

The Many Uses of Self Dumping Hoppers and Material Handling Equipment

A self dumping hopper and other material handling equipment have a variety of uses that make them indispensable in many industries and businesses. They are a great tool to use for storage, handling, recycling and transportation. No matter what you need, McCullough Industries makes the material handling equipment that you need to get the job done right. Because our material handling equipment comes in so many different sizes and holding capacities they are just perfect for storing many different objects. Generally hoppers can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds making them cost effective for bulky jobs. Self dumping hoppers can be used temporarily and, with a forklift, can be moved from site to site as your company takes on new projects or needs change. With the addition of specialty lids you can even use self dumping hoppers to hide debris from the view of your customers. Because self dumping hoppers are precision built to unload the materials on their own and then snap back up into a secure locked position you save man hours and possible injury to employees by using them. Hoppers are great; whether you are at the office, in a restaurant, or on a construction site, they always get the job done. For recycling purposes, your used papers, unneeded cardboard, and cast off packaging materials can be neatly stored in an industrial storage bin to be brought to the recycling plant. Instead of factory or construction workers having to haul debris manually away from the site with a self dumping hopper they can clean as they go and safely tuck scrap materials out of their way. Wood and metal scraps, copper plumbing tubes, dry wall, nails, and roof tear offs can be kept cleanly and efficiently in one spot, protected from the elements and protecting the workers. A clean and organized site is a safe site for workers. Wheeled material handling equipment can make transporting materials a breeze, both around the site and from site to site. Everything is already stored in one spot and can be moved to where you need it in one effort. No more moving several pieces of equipment separately. And because of their unique stacking feature, empty material handling equipment can be stored in a minimum of space.

What Industries Use Hoppers and Industrial Storage Bins?

With a holding capacity of between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds and the variety of shapes and sizes available make McCullough industrial storage bins a versatile piece of equipment for many industries and businesses. McCullough products can be used for storage, recycling, trash pickup and trash removal, as well as being used in the manufacturing process of many products. Our industrial storage bins are also stackable, an important space saving feature in the industrial and manufacturing setting. On construction sites, workers use industrial storage bins to clean as they go instead of expending time and energy to manually pick up wood scraps, metal turnings, and other building refuse. Plus, with the addition of optional casters it means that workers can move hoppers where they need them to be. Whether that means simply taking metal scraps from one side of a warehouse to another or moving roof tear off, nails, and left over wall board from the construction site to an offsite dumping facility, it can be accomplished easily and efficiently with hoppers from McCullough. In industrial settings hoppers can be fitted with feeding devices, making them a key component of the assembly line or manufacturing process. We even make low laying industrial storage bins specifically made to fit under machinery, catching cast off materials and machine turnings that otherwise would be a safety hazard and require manual cleanup. Industrial storage bins are also key pieces of equipment for large office buildings. They make storing cardboard for recycling much more efficient- especially when dealing with bulk loads. This is also why they are a favorite in the food service industry – where they have to deal with left over packaging and organic wastes. Our industrial storage bins can be fitted with lids that keep the smell and sight of raw organic wastes away from customers and food preparation areas.

Hoppers, The All Purpose Material Handling Equipment

At McCullough Industries we precision engineer all of our self dumping hoppers and other material handling products to be durable, efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, and safe. All of our material handling products have continuous seam welding which makes them very strong, and leak free – a must if you store or dump raw organic materials in our industrial bins. Our self dumping hoppers are on rugged, wide rockers to they are perfect to hold heavy loads as well. On top of that, the unique self locking mechanism of our self dumping hoppers keeps workers safe and stops accidental spills. For easy transporting and maneuvering of your hoppers, you can add on optional casters to the bottom of your hoppers or they can just be placed permanently in one spot. Because of the attention to detail we put into all of our material handling products, and because of the variety of sizes, shapes, and holding capacities available there is almost no end to the uses you can put your McCullough material handling products through. They are a key component to a variety of industries including construction, manufacturing, landscaping, food service and many, many more. McCullough material handling products come in three different duty levels, in over two dozen different types of products, meaning that there is a McCullough product for any job – no matter how big, no matter how small. Our hoppers are equipped for holding anywhere from .5 to 5 cubic yards of material. We even have specially designed self dumping hoppers and other products made to fit into tight corners, narrow warehouses, and under low laying machinery. Our material handling products can handle a variety of materials- wood scraps, roof tear off, nails, trash, organic wastes, dirt, mulch, plants, machine turnings, metal scraps, cardboard, paper, liquid wastes, and much more. No matter what your project, there is a McCullough material handling product for you.

Temporary and Permanent Uses for Hoppers

Stainless steel hoppers and other industrial containers are extremely versatile pieces of equipment. Not only do they come in many different sizes and holding capacities but they can be as temporary and maneuverable as you need them to be. With their continuous seam welding and sturdy construction, stainless steel hoppers can be moved as often as you need them to be without affecting their quality. They are rugged and durable. A stainless steel hopper is an investment that will keep on paying off for years to come. Whether you use a forklift to move your hoppers or add on optional casters to frequently move them around, your industrial containers will be as good as new for years to come. Self dumping stainless steel hoppers are one option to consider if you are looking for a permanent industrial container that is still easy to use. A self dumping hopper will, with very little human effort involved, dump itself, right itself, and lock itself safely back into position. Workers need a bare minimum of experience or training to use a stainless steel hopper. If your needs are constantly in flux, or if you use your hoppers as industrial storage bins, you may want to consider a more temporary industrial container that can easily be stacked when it is not being used. If you are using your stainless steel hopper and industrial container as part of an assembly line process or in manufacturing you may want to consider investing in a step feeder. A step feeder automatically moves materials from stainless steel hopper to stainless steel hopper as it goes from one step to another.